A Message from Kate:

Our world seems to be going at full speed, with everyone racing from one project or place to another. Meeting the next deadline. Checking off another to-do. Processing the constant chatter in and around us. Trying to be good enough. When do we take time to decompress, to be still and to connect with what makes us who we are?

As a busy professional and mother of two very active little girls, I found my essence again through yoga. I reengaged my inner courage, kindness and peace and discovered something I never expected – a passion to share yoga with the world.

Anyone can do yoga, no matter your age, shape or skill level. It’s not a competition, a religion or a destination. It does not need to be complex, but can involve easy, micro adjustments that lead to better quality of life or even simply the opportunity to be in the now. Combining the names of my beautiful daughters, Charlotte and Georgia, to form the brand, Charge Yoga works to help you find your greatest potential through yoga. By recognizing and strengthening all of the good in each of us, I believe we have the power to improve our world.

I look forward to sharing the many gifts of yoga with you.

Kate Sanders, Owner

(314) 369-3644

Yoga to Grow Certified

Watercolor artwork by Georgia, 5 years old.

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