We can bring out the best qualities in your employees or team members through techniques that help release tension, improve focus and energy, and unleash creativity, while enhancing employee interaction and work-life balance. Our low-impact programs – in which anyone can participate – prepare employees to be their best at work and home.

Our sessions are completely customizable to your productivity goals, taking place onsite or at a local studio, before or after work, and in a relaxed format. The first class will involve an introduction to the principles of yoga, basic postures and breathwork exercises, with future sessions building on the one before. For example, one week could be focused on stretching and relaxation and the next on a series of postures to generate energy. Our aim is for you to leave each session focused, happy and healthy!

Our programs are ideal for:

  • De-stressing after a major project
  • Rallying employees around a common objective
  • Exploration and motivation
  • Providing a regular routine of self care